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An internship is a required component of the Studies in Ministry Minor. Ideally, this year-long internship is the culminating activity of the minor, which students take concurrently with a year-long capstone seminar, having completed all of their other minor coursework.

The internship is a closely supervised practical experience in a church, para-church ministry, community organization, or other relevant setting. This experience involves six to twelve hours a week of supervised involvement with the ministry or organization for a full academic year (14 weeks per semester). Students receive two to four credits a semester for this internship. The decision about how many credits an internship will be is based on conversations with the minor's director and coordinator of mentoring and internships, a student's track and ministry interests, and a student's other academic requirements.

Each student is placed in an internship that matches, as much as possible, the type of ministry to which he/she is discerning a call. The internship should enable the student to gain a clear understanding of the expectations, responsibilities, and challenges involved in the type of ministry being considered and the specific organization of which the internship is a part.

In special circumstances, students may request to do an internship over the summer rather than during the academic year. In this case, the capstone seminar of the minor would be taken during the academic year that immediately follows the summer internship. This internship can be done outside of Holland, either domestically or internationally. Requests are considered and arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis, in conversation with the Director of the minor and the Coordinator of Mentoring and Internships.

If you are an internship supervisor or are considering becoming an internship supervisor, the following documents and forms may be helpful to you:


ORIENTATION SESSION for new 2016-2017 internship supervisors:

  • Next group session will be in August 2016, details will be sent via email in summer 2016.

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Spring semester evaluation form due late April 2016. Please contact if you are unable to locate your e-mail containing the link to the online form.


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