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Andrew McCoy

DIRECTOR - Dr. Andrew McCoy, Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies, Director of the Center for Ministry Studies which oversees Studies in Ministry Minor. Courses he teaches are listed below.

Van Zoeren 250



Coordinator of Mentoring & Internships - Pamela VanPutten works for the Studies in Ministry Minor thoughtfully matching students with mentors for a two year relationship and managing the supervised internship placements all minors are required to experience for one academic year.

Van Zoeren 249


Shelly Arnold

Office Manager - Shelly Arnold works for the Center for Ministry Studies which oversees Studies in Ministry Minor. She also works for David Cunningham with the CrossRoads Project and the Council of Independent College's (CIC) NetVUE Scholar Resources Project.

Van Zoeren 249



Teaching Faculty for Ministry Courses

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Josh Banner

Josh Banner team teaches MIN 321 Theology of Worship & Music with Bruce Benedict. His office is located in the English Department, Lubbers Hall room 308.


Bruce Benedict

Bruce Benedict team teaches MIN 321 Theology of Worship & Music with Josh Banner. His office is located in Keppel House, 129 East 10th St.


Wayne Brouwer

Wayne Brouwer teaches MIN 323 Theology of Social Witness and Mission and is Associate Professor of Religion at Hope College. His office is located in Lubbers Hall room 116.

Faculty webpage.


Derek Taylor teaches MIN 395 Integral MIssion & Intentional Community which is a restricted course limited to students in the Emmaus Scholars Program .


Jay Lindell

Jay Lindell teaches MIN 325. He does not have an office on campus. His campus mailbox in located in Van Zoeren Hall room 249. Jay is employed by Youth Life.

You are welcome to call the Center for Ministry Studies at 616.395.7320, if you need assistance.

Andy McCoy

Andy McCoy teaches two sections of MIN 201 Foundations for Theology & Ministry, MIN 371 & 372 Theology of Ministry I & II, and MIN 398 & 399 Internship in Ministry I & II.


The Ministry minor is part of the Center for Ministry Studies whose offices are located on the second floor curved section of Van Zoeren Hall facing VanAndel Plaza. Stop by and dip into our candy dish!


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