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Darlene Christopher
Costume Shop Manager

I love beautiful costumes. I love tu-tus, modern dance dresses and colorful unitards, seductive tango dresses, comic street clothing, and Balanchine black and white. Helping a choreographer realize his or her vision through the art of costume, is an exciting and fulfilling process, and I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to work with the best dancers, actors, students, teachers, directors and choreographers in Western Michigan. I love to learn new techniques for costuming, and help others to learn them too. I love to sew, glue rhinestones, dye mountains of silk, and work all night until the look is perfect, just to start all over again the next day. But most of all, I love the dancers, actors and students that wear my work. Whose characters come alive when they put on the Sugarplum's tiara, whose feet point better in Balanchine black and white, and smiles light up the room when they put on their first tu-tu.
I love my job.

Work Experience

  • Director of Wardrobe & Costume Design, Grand Valley State University
  • Costume Designer, Mason Street Warehouse
  • Costume Assistant, Grand Rapids Ballet Company
  • Costume Director, West Ottawa High School


  • Southwestern Michigan College Dowagiac, Michigan
  • School of Nursing 1979
  • Currently Michigan licensed since 1980.

Email: christopher@hope.edu