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Paul Anderson
Technical Director



  • Scene Shop Manager
  • Technical Director for the Theatre Department Productions
  • Assistant Technical Director for the Performing Arts
  • Theatre Crafts Lab manager


Independent studies in areas such as welding and CAD have been arranged by students wishing to go beyond the requirements of the regular technical theatre curriculum and gain some additional practical skills that are heavily used in theater



  • BA Hope College class of '88
  • Member United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)



I have enjoyed various interests over the years including woodworking, metalworking and model engineering, collecting antique engines and tractors, flying, music and reading. A current interest is in a "sport" called geocaching (see www.geocaching.com). Below are a few photos from some of these hobbies.
Cherry wood table made a number of years ago. The wood used in this table is from one of several trees saved from destruction. The trees were to be piled and burned when some land was being cleared for agriculture back in the 1970's.

Model Engineering is more or less the building of functioning small scale replicas of machinery.

This was one of my first model engineering projects, a 3/4" bore x 3/4" stroke vertical steam engine. Rough castings from STUART MODELS were machined to fit together to produce an operating engine.

This picture is from original advertising materials for a Galloway gas engine from c. 1920 similar to one that I restored in 1978. The flywheels are approxamately 36 inches in diameter. It was rated at 7 HP.
Begun in 1983 or 1984 but only recently completed is this freelance stationary steam engine which used a few castings from STUART MODELS with the remainder being fabricated from raw materials including brass, steel and wood. It has a 1-1/2" bore and stroke.
This was my second model making effort. A 3/4" bore x 3/4" stroke 4 cycle gas engine similar to full size models that were used in the days before electricity became widely available. Machined from rough castings and raw materials. (Note the similarity to the advertising photo above of the Galloway.)

My current model engineering project is to make a scale model of a steam locomotive. From a book I am building a 3/4" = 1' scale model 0-4-0 locomotive and tender.

I have finished the frame for the tender (coal car). The next step is the water tank and coal bin.

This is the nearly completed water tank/coal bin which will sit on the above frame.