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DeWitt Cultural Center

The DeWitt Cultural Center is home to the Hope College Department of Theatre offices, as well as its performances and production facilities.

The top floor of DeWitt Cultural Center houses the Theatre office, faculty offices, and DeWitt conference room 221, which is used for classes and production meetings. Also on the top floor of DeWitt is the balcony level for the Main Theatre.

The ground floor houses the Mezzanine and Orchestra sections of the Main Theatre, as well as the ticket office (open during the summer and evenings of performances), the green room, the dressing rooms, and the scene shop.

The lower level of DeWitt houses the DeWitt Studio Theatre, a more intimate space used for performances and acting classes, the costume shop, and the design room, which is used for lighting and scenic design classes and equipped with drafting tables and lighting systems.

DeWitt Main Stage














DeWitt Studio Theatre













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