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VanWylen Library Research Guides on Human Trafficking


Women's and Gender Studies Council Members, 2013-2014

Priscilla Priscilla Atkins
Director of Women’s Studies 2013-14
Visiting Associate Professor
Priscilla Virginia Beard
Associate Professor of Political Science
(Sabbatical Spring 2014)

Carrie Bredow
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ernest Ernest Cole
Assistant Professor of English


Julie Kipp
Professor of English

Heidi Kraus
Assistant Professor of Art
Julie Daina Robins
Professor of Theatre
Debra Debra Swanson
Professor of Sociology
(Sabbatical Fall 2013)
Debra Courtney Werner
Assistant Professor of English

Faculty That Have Taught Women's and Gender Studies Classes

Amy Bade
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Rhoda Burton
Associate Professor of English
Annie Dandavati
Professor of Political Science

Natalie A. Dykstra
Associate Professor of English
Matthew Farmer
Professor of Dance

Janis M. Gibbs
Professor of History
Jonathan Hagood
Professor of History
Lynn Lynn M. Japinga
Associate Professor of Religion
Deirdre Deirdre D. Johnston
Professor of Communication
Pamela Koch
Professor of Sociology and Social Work

Anne R. Larsen
Professor of French
Stephen Maiullo
Professor of Classics


Jesus A. Montaño
Associate Professor of English


Jeanne Petit
Professor of History
(Sabbatical Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

Julia Randel
Associate Professor of Music
Katehrine Katherine Sullivan
Associate Professor of Art

Emeritus Faculty

Jane Dickie
Professor of Psychology Emeritus
Founding Director of Women’s Studies