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Old Major and Minor Requirements

(for students entering Hope College prior to Fall 2008)

Major Requirements:

  • 32 Credit Hours
  • WS 200: Introduction to Women's Studies (Dickie, Kipp, Staff)
  • WS 300: Global Feminisms (Dandavati, Staff)
  • WS 350: Visions of Justice: Feminist Theory and Methodology (Dickie, Staff)
  • WS 494: Keystone Seminar (Dickie, Staff)
  • One Each from A through D

Minor Requirements:

  • 20 Credit hours
  • WS 200: Introduction to Women's Studies
  • EITHER WS 300: Global Feminisms OR WS 350: Visions of Justice: Feminist Theory and Methodology
  • WS 494: Keystone Seminar
  • Two courses from A through D


A. Institutions and Society  
Psych 110 or WS 210: Race in America Green
Hist 285 or WS 285: Women in Antiquity Bell
Hist 295 or WS 295: WW1 America Petit
Hist 352 or WS 395: Women and Social Change Petit
Poli Sci. 281 or Psych 281 or IDS 404 or WS 281: Faith Seeking Justice Dickie, Dandavati & Jarvis
Poli Sci. 295: Global Poverty Toppen
Poli Sci. 340 or WS 340: Women and the Law VandeVelde
Socio 271, 272 or WS 271, 272: Sociology of Gender Swanson
B. Literature and the Arts  
Art 326 or WS 326: Women, Ancient to Medieval Mahsun
Art 332 or WS 332: Women - Renaissance to Today Mahsun
Engl 254: Creative Writing: Fiction Vissers
Engl 258: Creative Writing: Non-Fiction Trembley
Engl 295 or WS 295: Creative Writing: Poems Ridl
Engl 354, 358 or WS 354, 358: Intermediate Creative Writing Sellers
Engl 373 or WS 373: Telling Lives Dykstra
Engl 375 or WS 375: Literature and Social/Cultural Difference Kipp, Hemenway, Jeffrey, Mezeske, Montano, Pannapecker, Young
French 342 or WS 395: French Society: Voltaire-Beauvoir Larsen, Hamon-Porter
French 442 or WS 441: Francophone Literatures and Cultures of Africa and the Americas Larsen, Hamon-Porter
Mus 104 or WS 295: World Music Randel
Spanish 494 or WS 495: Feminist Voices of Latin America Andre
C. Psychology and Communication  
Comm 210 or WS 210: Interpersonal Relations Johnston
Comm 371 or WS 371: Intercultural and Gender Communication Johnston
Psych 380 or WS 380: Psychology of Women Dickie
Psych 395 or WS 395: Human Sexuality Staff
D. Ideas and Culture  
Hist 200 or WS 395: Various Titles - on Women Gibbs
Hist 357 or WS 395: Ideas of Race, Gender, Class Petit
Engl 480 or WS 480: Introduction to Literary Theory Verduin, Kipp
IDS 200 or WS 220: Encounter with Cultures Yelding, Young, Douglas
Religion 236 or WS 236: Christian Feminism Japinga
Religion 240 or WS 295: Women in Christianity Japinga
Religion 260 or WS 295: Liberation Theology Staff
Religion 349 or WS 395: Women in American Religious History Japinga
Religion 366 or WS 366: Feminist Theology Japinga
IDS 431 or WS 331: Female, Male, Human Japinga
French 441 or WS 495: Modern France in the Making Larsen, Hamon-Porter
French 442 or WS 495: Francophone Literature and Culture: Africa and the Americas Larsen, Hamon-Porter
WS 490 Independent Projects  
WS 496 Internship Program in Women's Studies  



WS 200. Introduction to Women's Studies
Whereas historically women have been studied as outsiders or objects, this course will study women as subjects. Through reading and extensive discussion participants will explore and assess underlying assumptions in scientific and pseudo-scientific, academic, and popular theories about gender. We will explore the effects of sexism and prejudicial attitudes on men and women. We will assess the validity of biological, psychological, sociological, anthropological, and religious explanations for gender asymmetry (why men have historically had more privilege and power). Participants will be encouraged to examine their own live and empowered to teach and learn from one another.

Four Credits Kipp Fall and Spring

WS 300. Global Feminisms
The purpose of this course is to examine the politics of women's location in various parts of the world. It will examine women both in emerging and developing countries. We will look at many different perspectives and viewpoints that determine women's status in society today. Students will become familiar with various/alternative views of women sepcifically in the third world.

Four Credits Dandavati Fall

WS 350. Feminist Visions of Justice: Theories and Methods in Action
Doing something about an issue or problem requires an understanding, called theory, and a methodology to bring about change. Women’s Studies is rooted in women’s movements, in women’s lives and actions, and in feminist analysis around the globe. This course looks at feminist visions for justice and invites students to examine their own theories and methods of action in light of current issues in women’s studies, including: globalization, anti-racist and anti-heterosexist critical theory, generational shifts in second and third wave feminisms and others which will be developed by the class This class we will link theory and action, and each student will develop his or her own feminist theory and method in order to carry out a project.

Four Credits Dickie Fall

WS490. Independent Projects
An in-depth, independent study of women, women's issues or other topics analyzed from a feminist perspective or a project designed to bring about systemic changes to encourage, support or advance women or gender equality.

Variable Credits Staff

WS494. Keystone Seminar
This course is a senior course in which students integrate feminist theory and practice into an individual project or internship or project and meet with other Women's Studies majors and minors to discuss the implications of their work for themselves and society. The course requirements can be satisfied in one of three ways: 1) doing a research project and writing a paper, 2) doing an activist project which seeks to transform some aspect of the community, 3) completing a community-based internship. This requirement can also be met in an off-campus program with prior approval.

Variable Credits Dickie Spring

WS 496. Internship Program in Women's Studies
An internship in women's studies with the Philadelphia Center, Washington Semester, Chicago Semester, or a placement in the West Michigan area approved by the director of women's studies.

Variable Credits Staff