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Major and Minor Requirements and
Course Descriptions

(Beginning with students entering Hope College in Fall 2008)
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Major Requirements (32 Credit Hours)

Students must:

WGS 160. Women in a Global Society
The purpose of this course is to examine the politics of women’s location in various parts of the world. It will examine women both in emerging and developing countries. We will look at many different perspectives and viewpoints that determine women’s status in society today. Students will become familiar with various/alternative views of women specifically in the third world.
Four Credits
Once A Year

WGS 200. Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
In this course we will explore assumptions about gender and the effects of sexism and stereotypes on women and men. We will assess the validity of biological, psychological, sociological and other explanations for gender asymmetry (why men have historically had more privilege and power). We will pay particular attention to questions of women and gender and how they interrelate with our humanity, writ large and small. At the heart of this pedagogy, students are encouraged to teach and learn from one another. Together we will challenge ourselves to grow and support communal growth in shaping a world free of power-divisions based on gender, race, class, citizenship, country of origin.
Four Credits
Every Semester
Atkins, Kipp, Petit and others

WGS 350. Visions of Justice: Theory and Methodology
Each theory nudges us towards a lens through which to see the world. If a theory is too expansive, it may not tell us much; too narrow, and it may leave so much out that it is not relevant. A challenge to us is to raise our consciousness about the strengths and limitations of how we see the world (how we listen, or don’t listen), how we form our opinions, what we choose to make room for and how we hold and honor truths, including conflicting ones. Two questions central to this course is: How does what you know from your own experience, which includes listening to others, challenge “the way things are”? How can we live in such a way to effect positive changes for the good of all?
Four Credits
Once A Year

WGS 494. Keystone Seminar
This course is a senior course in which students integrate feminist theory and practice into an individual project or internship or project and meet with other Women's Studies majors and minors to discuss the implications of their work for themselves and society. The course requirements can be satisfied in one of three ways: 1) doing a research project and writing a paper, 2) doing an activist project which seeks to transform some aspect of the community, 3) completing a community-based internship. This requirement can also be met in an off-campus program with prior approval.
Four Credits
Once a year

Minor Requirements (20 Credit Hours)

Students must:

  • complete 3 core classes for 12 credits
    • WGS 200 - Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
    • Choose two of the following three core classes
      • WGS 160 - Women in a Global Society
      • WGS 350 - Visions of Justice: Theory and Methodology
      • WGS 494 - Keystone Seminar
  • and obtain the remaining 8 elective credits by choosing from the following cross-listed courses with at least one course from each Block: Arts & Humanities Electives and Social Sciences Electives