The De Pree Gallery regularly crosses cultural and historical boundaries by hosting a range of exhibitions that feature internationally recognized artists and showcase our current student work.

These programs continually expand the dialogue about the creative process through conversations with visiting artists, lectures, workshops and critiques that are located at points where art and culture intersect.

Current Exhibition

Hateful Things | Resilience
August 22 - October, 2016

“Hateful Things” features a collection of racist objects that trace the history of the stereotyping of African Americans. On loan from the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University, this exhibition contributes to and is in dialog with the scholarly examination of historical and contemporary expressions of racism in visual culture, and seeks to promote racial understanding and healing.

Curated by Dr. Heidi Kraus, “Resilience” features world-renown contemporary African-American artists from the Kruizenga Art Museum and Monique Meloche Gallery (Chicago) including Faith Ringgold, Sanford Biggers, and Lorna Simpson. Works in this exhibition, while in conversation with the history of African-American oppression, demonstrate a resilience of spirit and hope for racial equality.

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