Registration question and answer session for mentors and staff January 14, 11 a.m.
Schaap 1135
RSVP: Google Form
Online registration, Phase 1

Each student who will be presenting at the Celebration must register, whether presenting alone or with one or more students, by January 31. Students who co-authored projects that will be presented, but who are not themselves going to be at the Celebration, should not register.
January 15–31
Register here >
Online registration, Phase 2

Each registered student must submit the abstract for the project or indicate who will submit it. (Exceptions for projects for which the abstract should not be published.)
February 1–29
Mentors can check for registered students, type of poster, uploaded abstracts, etc. on the Registration Report. January 15–April 15
Submit posters to Print Services for printing. Submit by Friday, April 8, at 5 p.m.
Final faculty review and approval of abstracts for publishing in abstracts book.

(Email request will come from celebration@hope.edu)
by April 15, 2016
Celebration Event April 15, 2016,
2:30–5:30 p.m.
Submit posters for loading on Digital Commons.

(Email request will come from the Library.)
April 15–30
Complete survey of the Celebration.

(Emailed to students by The Frost Research Center.)
April 15 –30
Abstract book published.

(Request copies at celebration@hope.edu.)
May 4