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Disability Services

The ASC coordinates the provision of academic success services for students with documented disabilities. The provision of all reasonable accommodations and services is based upon assessment of the impact of the disability on the individual’s academic performance at a given time. Therefore, the ASC requires recent documentation relevant to the individual’s learning environment. Information regarding disability is confidential and is available on an as-needed basis to those directly involved in the accommodation process. Students should schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of Academic Success Services for Students with Disabilities to review their documentation and discuss academic accommodations that would be reasonable and appropriate in the college learning environment.

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Disability Documentation

Guidelines for Documenting a Learning Disability

Verification Form for Acquired Brain Injuries
Verification Form for Attention Defecit Disroder
Verification Form for Chronic Health Disabilities
Verification Form for Psychiatric Disabilities

Taking Exams at the Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center Request for Testing Accommodations Form

Suggestions and Tips for Faculty

If you don't agree with an accommodation decision made by Disability Services, please contact the Director of the Academic Success Center to review the accommodation decision(s) under question. If a complaint cannot be resolved by the Director of the Academic Success Center, you may file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer using the online form

Students with complaints regarding alleged disability based discrimination (campus wide) should first speak to their assigned Disability Services staff about the situation to see if an immediate resolution can be achieved. If the issue cannot be resolved by Disability Services, the student will be directed to file a report through the nondiscrimination policy for management of the complaint.