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Welcome to the
Office of Financial Aid!

2014-2015 Financial Aid Applications

Beware of similar web addresses that charge to file the FAFSA
Use the link above to connect to the FREE site.

Hope's Supplemental Application for Financial Aid (SAF)
Complete the SAF online, then print to sign and mail or fax.
(SAF opens with Adobe Reader-Click icon for free download)

Hope's Federal School Code is 002273
Helpful Hints for New Students or Returning Students

Income Tax Requirements for Verification

If the Federal Processing Center selects you to complete the federal verification process, you are required to document federal income tax information.  You can transfer your tax data directly into your original FAFSA or as a correction afterward.  Or you can provide an IRS Tax Return Transcript.

For video and more information click here.

Direct Loan Rates

Interest Rates
Loans Disbursed between July 1, 2014 and prior to July 1, 2015

Loan Type
Rate while attending school at least half time
Rate during Grace Period and Repayment
Direct Loan Subsidized
no interest charged
4.66 %
Direct Loan Unsubsidized
4.66 %
4.66 %
7.21 %
7.21 %

Direct Loan Origination Fees

Loans Disbursed between December 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014

Loan Type
Origination Fee - the amount of funds you receive is reduced by this percentage
Direct Loan Subsidized

1.072 %

Direct Loan Unsubsidized
1.072 %
4.288 %
Direct Loan Origination Fees

Loans Disbursed after September 30, 2014

Loan Type
Origination Fee - the amount of funds you receive is reduced by this percentage
Direct Loan Subsidized

1.073 %

Direct Loan Unsubsidized
1.073 %
4.292 %

Financial Aid Eligibility for Repeated Courses



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Net Price Calculator

Education Tax Credits

Federal TEACH Grant
TEACH Grant Initial or Subsequent Counseling
TEACH Grant Exit Counseling
Teach Grant Servicer

Hope Merit Awards

Parents Page

PLUS Loans:
PLUS Loan Application- sign in and select "Request PLUS Loan"
PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note

Private Educational Loans and FASTChoice
Information for the Self-Certification Form is available on your KnowHope Plus account, Financial Aid Awards, select award year, then select Award Overview.

Billing Information and Business Services

Registrar's Office

Are you considering moving off campus?
Living off-campus or commuting could reduce your need-based financial aid between $3000 to $4000. If you change your housing arrangements during the year, we will adjust the aid if needed
E-mail Us
Include Student's full name and Hope ID number. Also, include Sender's full name.