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For Faculty

The Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research is committed to supporting faculty-student research at Hope College. In addition to supplying funding and technical expertise to faculty-student projects, the center assists individual faculty in the following ways: 

    • Assistance with in-class research projects
    • Production of surveys for personal or class research
    • Workspace for student research assistants
    • Assistance with SPSS and other data-analysis needs

Grants Through The Frost Center

The Frost Center distributes funds for faculty-student research in the social sciences. Please note the process has changed from past years, in that proposals are no longer evaluated on a rolling basis. Applications will now be evaluated twice a year. Deadline for fall is October 15, and for spring the deadline is February 15.

Additional monies have been made available for Summer 2014 research. Use the link below to access the new, stream-lined application.

Human Subjects Review Board

All research involving the use of human research subjects (participants) must be reviewed and approved by the Hope College Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) before the research can be initiated.