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Computer Purchase Program

The College recognizes the need for employees to maintain current technological standards in their day-to-day activities. The Computer Purchase Program gives benefit eligible employees the opportunity to purchase a new computer operating system (with accompanying software and/or accessories) and receive an “interest free” reimbursement loan from the College. To receive this benefit, the employee must be a benefit eligible employee and the employee’s account with Hope College must be current.

For the purchase to be eligible:

  • Purchase may be from the College or any other retail source
  • Purchase must be greater than $500.
  • Reimbursement will not exceed $2000.
  • Employee agrees to repay the reimbursement “loan” through payroll deduction, over a period not to exceed 36-months.
  • Only one “loan” will be allowed at one time ~ if a balance remains on a previous loan it must be paid in full prior to being eligible for a new one.
  • Smart phones, cell phones, and digital cameras are excluded from this program.

In order to take advantage of this benefit, contact the Human Resources Office to confirm eligibility. Once confirmed eligible, employee purchases system and submits detailed receipt to Benefits and Compensation Manager. A Reimbursement Loan Agreement will be prepared and forwarded to the employee for signature. Once returned the reimbursement check will be processed through the Business Office and the payroll deduction will begin at the next pay period. Upon separation of employment, the College has the right to withhold from final payroll(s) any outstanding balance. If an unpaid balance still remains, the College has the right to seek whatever means necessary to secure the remaining balance.