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Flexible Benefit Plan

Flex Reimbursement Claim Forms & Information  
  • 2016-2017 (.xls) *contains both medical and dep. care forms
  • 2015-2016 (.xls) *contains both medical and dep. care forms

To confirm flex reimbursement and/or to check flex balance;

  • Access KnowHope Plus (
  • Enter Secure Area (with User ID and PIN)
  • Select Employee   >    Benefits and Deductions   >   Flexible Spending Accounts > Details  NOTE:  In reviewing this information ... make sure when you are on the detail screen for your account, you also select the correct plan year at the drop down menu at bottom of page.
Worksheet for Estimating Tax Savings for Dependent Care Expenses  
Worksheet for Estimated Flex Expenses  
Flex Benefit Plan  
Amendment 2012-1

Amendment 2013-1


Amendment 2014-1


Amendment 2015-1