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Life and LTD

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (formerly Jefferson Pilot) is the College’s new provider of Life and LTD coverage. For more information on this company visit their website at

Do you want to update your primary and/or contingent beneficiary for your life insurance policy through Hope College?

Complete Beneficiary Change Form and return to HR

Do you want to enroll or change your supplemental life coverage?

You may purchase additional life insurance coverage, through payroll deduction, for yourself, (at 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, or 7x your annual salary*), your spouse (between $10K-$250K coverage* up to 50% of employee supplemental life amount), and children (either at $5K or $10K). In considering this benefit, Voluntary Life Summary of Benefits provides costs and coverage options. To enroll or request changes in coverage amount, complete the enrollment form.

*Lincoln National provides a Guaranteed Issue for Employee Supplemental Life up to $200,000 and Spousal Supplemental Life up to $50,000. Any amounts exceeding this requires an EOI form (Evidence of Insurability) be completed and submitted directly to Lincoln for approval prior to request being processed by Hope College.

Do you want to enroll in supplemental long-term disability coverage?

Also available is an option for increasing your long-term disability coverage from 60% to 70% benefit. In considering this benefit, LTD with Core Buy-Up Option Summary of Benefits provides costs and coverage. To enroll, complete the enrollment form. This option does not require Evidence Of Insurability for effective date 7-1-2014. Future requests to add this benefit will require EOI.

Do you want to cancel your current supplemental life and or supplemental long-term disability coverage?

Requests to cancel coverage is available upon written notification to the Human Resources Department.

NOTE: New Lincoln Summary of Benefits for the College paid benefits of Life and Long Term Disability are available online.


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