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Were you hired after April 2013?

After completing 1 year of service to the college you (if age 23+) will be eligible for the College Contribution of 10.5%. Employees will be contacted directly by HR 30-45 days prior to your 1 year anniversary date.

Do you want to review and/or update your beneficiaries?

Contact your fund sponsor(s) directly to request:

Transamerica (Recordkeeper effective 10.1.13)
TIAA-CREF: 1.800.842.2776

Do you want to change or begin a voluntary retirement program contribution (withheld pre-tax) or a Roth Contribution (post-tax) from your pay each pay period?

Voluntary Contributions (To add new, change, or make updates, access your account and select Manage - Contributions)

403(b) Voluntary Maximums


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