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  Summer Off Campus Study Opportunities

May, June, and Summer Programs

Interested in spending a summer overs and earning academic credit for it? Hope College students have several summer options for studying on international off-campus programs.

Official Non-Hope Programs:

 For summer programs offered by Hope affiliated sponsors, please visit the following websites:

Hope College May/June Terms:

For several decades, Hope College has offered it's own international off-campus programs in places such as Austria, England, India, and Japan. In more recent years, Hope faculty have added additional programs in the Italy, Spain, and Uganda to name a few.

These short-term off-campus study programs are available during the four-week May, June and July terms and are led by Hope College faculty.

Off-campus May, June and July term courses are generally announced toward the end of the fall semester. Students should consult with the Registrar's Office for further information and/or click here to be linked to their May, June, and July website to read more about program content and faculty leaders.

Students should contact faculty leaders directly for all applications and/or further information.

Programs offered in Summer 2014:

Visit the Registrar's Page for more details including the costs of different programs.
  • Argentina

    Contemporary Argentine Literature, History and Politics in Cultural Context (Buenos Aires)

    (SPAN 344)

  • Austria

    Vienna Summer School

    (Germ 101, 102, IDS 172, Mus 101 or 295, Hist 131, 295, Art 111 or 295,   Rel 260, Comm 295, IDS 495)

  • Bahamas

    Island Life: Biology, Geology, and Sustainability (Eleuthera Island) 

    (GEMS 295)

  • Chile

    Hope in Chile: Language, Culture, & Society (Santiago)

    (SPAN 495)

  • England

    Humor, Communication, and Culture or Faces to Facebook: Ways of Belonging (Liverpool)

    (COMM 395 or IDS 495 )

    Management in the British Economy

    (Mgmt 358, Econ 358, or IDS 495)

    Literacy II: Reading and the Language Arts for Grades 4 -8

    (EDUC 282 or 283)

  • France

    Art, Urbanism and the Parisian Experience (Paris)

    (ART 360 or ART 111 )

  • India

    The Indian Worldview

    (Rel 480)

  • Ireland

    Irish Culture and Celtic Wisdom (Northern Ireland)

    (IDS 495)

  • Italy

    Experiencing Rome, The Eternal City

    (CLAS 495)

  • Jamaica

    Brining Hope to our World (Montego Bay)

    (IDS 433)

  • Japan

    Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Japan

    (IDS 280)

  • Mexico

    Health & Healing in Comparative Perspective (Queretaro)

    (Nursing Majors only) (IDS 174)

  • United States

    Hope Comes to Watts (Los Angeles, CA)

    (EDUC 488)

    Rosebud Indian Reservation, SD: Cross Cultural Education

    (EDUC 488)

    Thriving in Transitions - Alaska

    (IDS 495)

    Ecological Theology and Ethics (Adirondacks in NY)

    (REL 365)

    Learning and Serving Among the Oglala Lakota: Conversations about Faith, Culture, and Worldview (Pine Ridge Reservation, SD)

    (REL 295)

  • Scotland

    Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and Scotland

    (SOC 295)

  • Tanzania

    Tanzania and the African Plains

    (BIOL 380 or GEMS 195)