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Hope College
Intent to Submit an External Grant Proposal

To be filled out by the Project Investigator (PI)at least one month prior to the submission deadline.

PI Name:

E-mail Address:

Campus Phone:

Submission Deadline:

Project Title:
Agency/Fdn :
Agency/Fdn Program:
Solicitation or CFDA #,
(if applicable):
Project Start Date:
Project End Date:
Release time requested:
If yes, how much and when:
Estimated budget:

Do you need a financial or in-kind match?

If yes, please describe.($/equipment/technical support). Indicate if the College commitment will be during the grant period and/or beyond. What fund will be covering the match?

Are there sub recipients affiliated with this project? If Yes, provide name(s) and institution(s):

NSF or NIH Applicants:

Does the investigator, senior personnel, her/his colleagues, family, or associates have a significant financial interest (SFI)( over $5000) or other conflict that would reasonably appear to be affected by the conduct or outcome of the grant-funded activities?

Will the SFI, or other conflict, if it exists, potentially affect the integrity of the project, ie. how the project is run or whatkinds of results are reported?

If you answered YES to either of these questions complete the SFI Disclosure Form. If NO, complete only page 1.

Brief summary of project:

Administrator approving this project:

We strongly urge you to notify your Chair,Dean and SRO prior to proposal preparation.