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Physical Plant Office
200 E. 9th Street

Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday



Director of Operations: Greg Maybury
• Greg is the leader of the Physical Plant Management Team, which directs the department in a participative management environment. He is responsible for all department operations including budgets, facility planning, design, construction and personnel issues.

  G Maybury

Operations Manager: Kathleen Arnold
• Kathleen is a member of the management team qualified to make decisions in Director’s absence, performs daily management of the administrative and operational business associated with the Physical Plant department.

  Kathleen Arnold

Indoor Projects Manager: Greg Widener
• Greg is in charge of development and maintenance of various budgets. Plan, estimate, negotiate, execute and manage various projects with outside contractors and staff personnel.


Maintenance Manager: Mike McCluskey
• Mike has a working knowledge of various maintenance trades, building and safety codes. He must also organize and supervise the maintenance trades in accomplishment of maintenance and minor construction.


Event Manager: Tony Van Houten
• Tony assists in planning and coordinating events on campus along with insuring everything is set up properly. He is an integral part of keeping events running smooth on campus.


Building Services Managers: Custodial Services
• The Five BSM’s responsibilities include leading a group of employees on their team, ordering and distributing custodial supplies and equipment, conducting on the job training, coordinating routine building maintenance for the trades personnel and assisting in the hiring and dismissal of personal.


Grounds Manager: Bob Hunt
• Bob assigns the seasonal duties such as mowing, snow removal, general repair and overhaul of grounds equipment. He also takes pride in knowing trees, shrubs, grasses and fertilizers.

Bob Hunt
Office Assistant: Edna Zeeff
• Edna keeps busy answering telephones, radio transmissions and managing the work order system. Handling daily emergency calls and assuring the appropriate people are notified are also in her hands.
Edna Zeeff

Project Assistant: Donna Essenburg
• Donna provides assistance mainly for the Project Manager, Greg Widener, but also helps the other managers in the department. She process invoices for payment, tracks costs, and schedules contractors.
Donna Essenburg
Work Order Analyst : Sandy Bedard
• Sandy provides assistance to the maintenance and project groups through the monitoring of the Work Order System. The Maintenance Connection software was implemented in Fall of 2014 to provide more comprehensive reporting and monitoring of the requests and work done in all our facilities.