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Summer 2012 Projects

updated 05/25/2012

  • Lichty, Scott & Wyckoff Halls

New windows are being installed in Scott and Wyckoff Halls. Low-E, dual pane windows and bronze frames improve the look and efficiency of the buildings. (Lichty received this upgrade last year.)

side by side Here's a side-by-side comparison of the old and new windows on Scott Hall.

All 3 buildings will get new sinks and toilet partitions. Individual wall-mount sinks are replaced with a solid surface countertop with integrated sinks. New plumbing and fixtures are installed as part of this project.

old sinks gone new sinks

New solid material toilet partitions replace the metal ones from the past.

old partitions new partitions



  • Energy Audits in 9 Cottages,
    and resulting remedial work

42 Cottages have now undergone the process to seek out ways to make them more energy efficient.

  • Bathroom Remodels in
    Boers Cottage and Grey Cottage


  • Knob and tube wiring replacement in
    Green Apartments, Sutphen and VanSaun Cottages


Information and pictures of other project soming soon.....




  • T8 Lights

Each of these buildings: Durfee, Gilmore, Dykstra, College East, Durfee, received lower watt light fixture and bulbs to reduce energy use.

Lighting upgrades were also done at the Transportation, Nykerk, Physical Plant buildings.

  • Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives were installed on the HVAC Systems of Knickerbocker Theater and the Dow Center.

  • Cottage Energy Audits:

The DwellTech company has performed energy audits on 42 of Hope's cottages. The audits provide recommendations for decreasing energy use in the houses. Some common recommendations include new weatherstripping, caulking, insulation and ventilation. Over the summer, many of the recommendations will be implemented on the cottages.