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The Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grants

Summer 2017

Submission Deadline: 8:00 AM January 10, 2017


Program Description:  The Jacob E. Nyenhuis faculty development summer research grant program is funded through the generosity of many donors who have established a collection of endowed funds to support faculty and, in some cases, their student collaborators in their development as scholars.  The program is named for Provost Emeritus Jacob E. Nyenhuis, whose diligent efforts to promote faculty scholarship have resulted in a climate of scholarly excellence notable for a liberal arts college that prioritizes teaching as its highest purpose.

Faculty who were "guaranteed" summer funding for 2017 per their contract or other written agreement, need not apply for a Nyenhuis grant. The Provost's Office will contact those faculty in the spring.


Proposal Guidelines

There are three types of Nyenhuis grants:

2016 Nyenhuis Recipients