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The Jacob E. Nyenhuis Summer 2014
Faculty Development Grants

2014 Application Deadline: 8:00 AM January 7, 2014
Late applications will not be accepted

Please note:

  • Faculty with other forms of summer support, including but not limited to, external or internal grant funding or endowed chair funding will not be considered for these grants.
  • Faculty who have "guaranteed" summer funding for 2014 per their employment contract or other written agreement, need not apply through this process - Lannette Zylman-Ten Have will contact you in the spring to make arrangements for your summer funds.
  • We will not consider applications for grants in which the sole purpose is travel to international conferences as these are becoming increasingly more expensive. Applications for grant projects which include international travel for research purposes may still be considered.

Grant Guidelines/Applications - Applications must be submitted electronically - see grant guidelines for instructions/details.

Clarifications re grant guidelines (see actual guidelines for details):

  1. Grant History: each application must include a history of your two most recent Hope College grants, how this funding was used, and whether the proposed goals were achieved. Be brief but thorough.
  2. Other Sources of Funding: the application form asks you to indicate if you have investigated external sources of funding for your project and asks which granting agency(ies) you have submitted proposals to for this or a similar project. The Deans' Council wishes to emphasize that you should specifically identify other potential sources of funding, even if you have not yet applied there, as these Hope grants are considered "seed money" and are not intended for ongoing research activities. Priority will be given to faculty who provide evidence that they have sought external funding.
  3. Application Length: maximum 4 pages (5 for student/faculty applications); minimum font size 11 pt. Applications that do not fit this criteria will not be accepted.

Many funds are undesignated with respect to department or project type, however, some funds are designated for projects in the following areas:

    • Economics, Management and Accounting
    • Education
    • Humanities
    • Natural and Applied Sciences
    • Music
    • Study of the relationship between the Church and contemporary society
      • Focus on national and global issues
      • Focus on state and regional issues
    • Research in contemporary religious thought
    • Self-renewal and study projects relating the sciences to the Christian faith
    • Projects to further improve the academic excellence of Hope College - preference given to Religion and Philosophy faculty
    • Student/Faculty Collaborative Research in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (in order of preference)

Click here for additional information on designated funds.

    Receipt of your application will be acknowleged via email - please contact Lannette (x7970 or zylman@hope.edu) if you do not receive an acknowlegement within a day or two of your submission.