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Summer 2017

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 8:00 AM January 10, 2017

Program Description: The Jacob E. Nyenhuis faculty development summer research grant program is funded through the generosity of many donors who have established a collection of endowed funds to support faculty and, in some cases, their student collaborators in their development as scholars. The program is named for Provost Emeritus Jacob E. Nyenhuis, whose diligent efforts to promote faculty scholarship have resulted in a climate of scholarly excellence notable for a liberal arts college that prioritizes teaching as its highest purpose.

Award: $7,200 maximum for up to 8 summer weeks. One award (up to $14,400) will be made for a convergent collaboration of two faculty from two different departments (ideally from two different divisions) working with two student collaborators.

Who is Eligible?

  • Full-time faculty, except those described as ineligible below
  • Faculty with internal and/or external summer support less than $4,000 may apply for a Nyenhuis to make up the difference.
  • Non-Senior Students - because they will be required to present their research findings the following academic year

Who is Ineligible?

  • Endowed professors
  • Faculty with internal and/or external summer support of $4,000 or more
  • Faculty who have not submitted a final report from previous awards
  • Tenured faculty who have received Nyenhuis grants in each of the past two years
  • Faculty who do not have a contract for the following academic year
  • Graduating Senior Students
  • Note: ineligible faculty may still apply for student funding using student budget guidelines


Faculty Stipend: Maximum $3,600 ($450 per week for up to 8 summer weeks)

Faculty may elect to reassign their stipend toward direct expenses as long as the total award doesn’t exceed $7,200. Budget revisions must be submitted to Lannette Zylman-TenHave (zylman@hope.edu) by June 1, 2017.

Student Stipend: Maximum $2,800 ($350 per week for up to 8 summer weeks). This is considered full-time work. Due to overtime restrictions, no other campus employment is allowed during the grant period.

Direct Expenses: Travel and/or supplies -you must include $400 to be set aside for student dissemination travel after the project is complete.



Cover Sheet: All fields must be completed. (To complete you must download & save to your own computer)

For Mac's Using Preview: File - Print - PDF - Save as a PDF

Proposal Narrative: Provide a brief but comprehensive, clear description of the proposed work without jargon . The proposal (not including the cover sheet) should not exceed 5 pages with a minimum font size of 11 points and must include these sections:

  • Summary of the project.
  • Goals and objectives of the project.
  • Significance of the project - relation to other scholars' work; importance to your professional development; benefit to the College; describe the value of the project to the student.
  • Student Essay - a one-page (maximum) essay on how s/he would participate in and benefit from the project.
  • Assessment - A statement of how the success of your project can be evaluated.
  • Dissemination - Faculty/student teams receiving funding must present their findings at the annual Hope College Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Performance and at NCUR or an appropriate disciplinary conference.

Submission: Electronically submit your proposal in a single PDF (not scanned) file to the Office of the Provost (zylman@hope.edu). Receipt of your proposal will be acknowledged via email. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within two days of your submission please contact Lannette (x7970 or zylman@hope.edu).

Review and Selection Criteria (adapted from NSF, NIH and NEH guidelines):

  • Intellectual Significance
  • Quality of the conception, definition, organization, and description of the project and the applicant’s clarity of expression
  • Feasibility: applicant(s) ability to successfully complete the proposed work
  • Impact: on applicant’s long-term development; on the field of study; on the college community and broader society
  • Preference will be given to pre-tenure faculty

Review Committee: The review committee consists of the members of the Status Committee and the Deans' Council

Notification: Award notifications will be sent in February.

Final Report Deadline: September 18, 2017. The report must state how the objectives were met. A separate student-written report must be submitted summarizing the project and its contributions to the student’s professional development. Submit electronic copies to the Office of the Provost (zylman@hope.edu), your dean and department chair. A final report from any previous Nyenhuis award must be on file in the Provost’s office prior to reapplying.

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