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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees
a. Academic Affairs Board

1. Curriculum Committee


  1. To review and initiate changes in the patterns of curricular requirements for the degree (both the College's core requirements and the framework of major requirements).

  2. To study and make recommendations regarding proposed new and revised academic major and minor programs, including all curricular, co-curricular, experiential, internship, and other requirements for such majors and minors.
  3. To study and make recommendations on requests for course changes (additions and deletions).

  4. To initiate studies designed to evaluate aspects of the curricular program.

  5. To study and make recommendations on requests for changes in academic regulations, such as:

    1. Systems of grading
    2. Student load
    3. Class attendance

  6. To study and make recommendations on the equal treatment of men and women within the College curriculum.

  7. To study and make policy recommendations on any item referred to it by the Academic Affairs Board.


A member of the Deans' Council, the Director of Libraries, four faculty members (one from each division), General Education Director, Ex. officio and two student members.  (Note:  The respective department chairpersons and divisional dean, if possible, shall be present when action is taken on curricular changes in their departments.)


To expedite the evaluation of the many curricular proposals, the committee has established guidelines to be followed by all who prepare and submit proposals.  Copies are available on the Registrar’s Office Website under “Forms.”  All course proposals must be submitted by October 1,  for approval for the next academic year.