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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees
a. Academic Affairs Board

2. Cultural Affairs Committee


  1. To plan and to assist in administering a program of all‑College cultural events ‑‑ chiefly concerts, exhibitions, performances, and lectures of interdisciplinary interest.

  2. To provide limited financial support for a balanced series of lectures and events of a specific disciplinary interest.  These programs are planned and administered by academic departments.

  3. To prepare an annual budget request for such a program of cultural activities and to determine policies for administration of this budget.

  4. To assess periodically the programs presented and, with the Student Congress, provide a means whereby student and faculty comments and suggestions may be provided to the Committee for its guidance.

  5. To take up any matters brought to it by the administrative officer in charge of the budget or of the scheduling of events.

  6. To study and make policy recommendations on any item referred to it by the Academic Affairs Board.

Membership:  Four faculty members (one from each division), four students, the dean for the Arts Division, the coordinator of the Great Performance Series, and the Student Activities Coordinator.  The chairperson of the Cultural Affairs Committee is to be chosen from the previous year's committee membership.

Procedures:  Applications for support of all-College cultural events should be made in writing to the Chair, or the Secretary, of the Cultural Affairs Committee and will be acted upon by the Committee in the order in which requests are received.  The Committee sets and announces deadlines by which applications are due (ordinarily, mid-October for first-semester events and mid-January for second-semester events).  The following guidelines apply:

  1. The Committee's maximum grant is $700.
  2. Financial support must also be obtained from sources other than the Committee.
  3. All proposed activities must demonstrate campus-wide appeal and be open to audiences from beyond a single department.
  4. The support of the Committee must be acknowledged in advertisements, programs, and announcements associated with the event.
  5. A brief report on the event and attendance at it must be submitted within two weeks after the event takes place.

Application and report forms are available from the office of the Dean for Arts and Humanities.