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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees
a. Academic Affairs Board

3. International Education Committee

This committee deals most directly with academic questions; however, in the case of establishing off‑campus, overseas programs, much of its planning and decision‑making touches policy areas that are normally under another board.  Therefore, any complex new international program may need to have certain aspects reviewed by such boards.  The committee is placed under the Academic Affairs Board but becomes advisory to the other committees and boards in promoting the objectives of the international education program of the College.


  1. To initiate evaluative studies of Hope's international off-campus programs.

  2. To analyze suggestions for new off‑campus international programs and to recommend programs to the Academic Affairs Board.

  3. To coordinate Hope College's participation in international education programs sponsored by other agencies and associations (e.g., GLCA, Institute of European and Asian Studies, and the Council on International Educational Exchange).

  4. To recommend policies for accrediting non‑Hope College international programs in which students wish to enroll for a portion of their degree work.

  5. To advise the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee and directors of the corresponding programs regarding policies in these areas as they affect foreign students.

  6. To advise the Campus Life Board and the directors of counseling and guidance on policies in these areas as they affect foreign students.

  7. To recommend to academic departments, to the Curriculum Committee, to the Committee on Multicultural Affairs, and to the Campus Life Board means of strengthening the goal of international understanding through curricular and extracurricular approaches.
  8. To study and make policy recommendations on any item referred to it by the Academic Affairs Board.


Four faculty members (one from each division), two student members (with previous experiences in an international program), the Director of International Education, a member from the Committee on Multicultural Affairs, and an administrative officer appointed by the Provost.  (Administrative officers should be invited to attend when the agenda includes any items in their special province ‑‑ e.g., Vice President for Admissions, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Public Relations, Provost.)