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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees
a. Academic Affairs Board

6. Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Affairs Board, although its responsibilities extend to all areas of the College.  Whenever appropriate, therefore, the Assessment Committee will also make recommendations to either the Campus Life Board or the Administrative Affairs Board, or to any of their standing committees.


  1. To educate the campus community about assessment and its importance.
  2. To assist academic departments and administrative units in the construction of assessment plans and in the use and review of assessment instruments.
  3. To assist academic departments and administrative units with the interpretation of the findings of their assessment efforts and the implementation of plans to improve teaching and learning based on those findings.
  4. To develop and periodically review instruments to assess the outcomes of the general education program.
  5. To monitor the various assessment plans and when needed recommend changes to the Academic Affairs Board.


  1. Eight faculty members (two from each division including the board liaison);
  2. two students (appointed by Student Congress);
  3. the Operations Director of the Frost Research Center, ex officio;
  4. the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, ex officio;
  5. one staff member from the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement;
  6. one staff member from the Student Development Office.