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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committes

a. Academic Affairs Board


  1. To initiate academic policy and to review and take action on all academic policy recommendations.

  2. To review the educational objectives of the College and to propose or engage in studies aimed at making the academic program constantly more effective.

  3. To examine proposals for major academic change, including the addition or deletion of departments and programs.  In cases where the proposed change may affect the basic character of the College or have unusual implications for the College budget, the Academic Affairs Board recommendations shall be forwarded to the Administrative Affairs Board for approval.  At the discretion of the President, some proposals may even require Board of Trustees action.

  4. To request its committees to consider matters and present recommendations to it.

  5. To act on matters of library policy and cultural offerings.

  6. To advise the Provost and deans on matters they bring to it.

  7. To establish policies on academic advising and to examine the existing advising program.


Provost, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, eight faculty (two from each division), and four students (one an officer of Student Congress).

Standing Committees

The following standing committees come under the jurisdiction of the Academic Affairs Board, each having a faculty member as board liaison:

  1. Curriculum Committee
  2. Cultural Affairs Committee
  3. International Education Committee
  4. Library Committee
  5. Teacher Education Council
  6. Assessment Committee
  7. Academic Computing Committee