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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

b. Campus Life Board

1.  Co-Curricular Activities Committee


  1. To consider and make recommendations to the Campus Life Board on all policies concerning student organizations (except in the areas of religious affairs and student communications). These include policies on:
    1. Criteria for student groups to remain in good standing to be monitored by Student Life.
    2. Advising of student organizations
    3. Organization of new groups
    4. Policies which articulate standards and processes of operation.
  2. Within the policies established under i, to act on requests for the establishment of new campus organizations, except groups affiliated with academic departments.
  3. Within the policies established under i., to establish guidelines and procedures for the advising of student organizations.
  4. To recommend to the Campus Life Board policies governing sororities and fraternities in consultation with the Dean of Students, the Inter-Fraternity Council, the Pan-Hellenic Council and Greek Council.
  5. To consider questions or complaints concerning student activities which have not been resolved through administrative channels.
  6. To assess periodically the social and co-curricular program of the College and to recommend to the Student Congress, the Campus Life Board and the Administration ways of improving it.
  7. To review any matters referred to it by the Student Congress, the Dean of Students or the Campus Life Board.


Membership :

Two representatives from the Office of Student Development, two faculty members, three students.


Subcommittees :

  1. The Greek Judicial Board
  2. Greek Council