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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

b. Campus Life Board

4. Residential Life Committee


  1. To review the quality of residential life, including living units (on campus and off), dining hall and food service, and public safety, and make policy recommendations to the Campus Life Board.

  2. To advise on the planning and design of residence facilities.

  3. To review rules and regulations concerning residential life (as defined above) and student conduct, and make policy recommendations to the Campus Life Board.  Amendments to the housing terms and conditions for the next academic year shall be forwarded to the President of Student Congress at least two months prior to the conclusion of the spring semester.  Exceptions to this time constraint include amendments necessary to maintain student safety or to comply with the laws of the City of Holland, State of Michigan, or United States.  In all instances, the President of Student Congress shall be informed of such amendments prior to their taking effect.

  4. To delineate procedures for handling violations of such rules and regulations and set guidelines for the imposition of penalties, subject to approval by the Campus Life Board.

  5. To recommend to the Campus Life Board the procedures to be used by the Judicial Board and to review periodically the areas of its jurisdiction.

  6. To study and make policy recommendations on any item referred to it by the Campus Life Board.


The Dean of Students or his/her representative, the Assistant Dean of Housing and Residence Life, a student representative from the Judicial Board, a representative of Student Congress, two students appointed by Student Congress, and two faculty members.  Student membership shall include both men and women.