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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

b. Campus Life Board


  1. To formulate policy and to act on policy recommendations in all areas of non-academic campus life. A policy change before the Campus Life Board or the committees under its jurisdiction shall be forwarded to the President of Student Congress at least two weeks prior to its consideration. Student Congress shall have the option to submit recommendations to that Board or Committee regarding the proposed change.
  2. To establish and review regulations for campus life and student conduct and policies for dealing with violations of these regulations.
  3. On a periodic basis have a conversation with Departmental Directors to learn about their mission and services, provide an opportunity for questions, and make recommendations for program modifications or enhancements. The Chair of Campus Life Board will review this expectation and schedule departmental conversations at the first meeting of the board where there is full membership.
  4. To review and enact policies as developed by: Co-Curricular Affairs, Residential Life, Religious Life, and student Communications Media Committee as relates to their programs and operation.
  5. Twice an academic year (beginning and by February) the Chair of the Residential Life Committee and the Director of Residential Life and Housing will present an overview of campus and off-campus housing.
  6. To request its committees or the Student Congress to consider and make recommendations on matters which affect these areas of the College’s operation.
  7. That at the last meeting of fall semester have the Comptroller of Student Congress provide an overview of the budgeting process and criteria for budgeting. The criteria should be approved by the Campus Life Board.
  8. Annually, the committee facilitating Women’s Programming on campus will provide an update to the Campus Life Board. The Campus Life Board may make comments, recommendations, or suggestions as to ways to effectively address the needs of women on campus during these occasions. The update will occur at the last meeting of the Campus Life Board.


Membership :

Three members from the Student Development Division, including the Dean of the Chapel or a Chaplain designated by the Dean; four faculty members (one from each division); and four students (one an officer of Student Congress).


Standing Committees :

The following standing committees come under the jurisdiction of the Campus Life Board:

  1. Co-Curricular Activities Committee
  2. Religious Life Committee
  3. Student Communications Media Committee
  4. Residential Life Committee