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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

b. Campus Life Board

1. Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

a. Greek Judicial Board


  1. To review facts pertaining to alleged violations of Greek rules.

  2. To impose sanctions on individuals or organizations which it finds to be in violation of these rules.
  3. To coordinate with the Judicial Board to determine jurisdiction in matters involving violations of both Greek and College rules.

Membership :

Four faculty members appointed by the Status Committee (Campus Life Board liaison not necessary), the Greek Coordinator or his/her appointee to serve as Advisor to the Board, and one student representative and one alternate from each Greek organization. The student representatives and alternates from each Greek organization are selected for membership by the Advisor and the Interfraternity Council President and the Panhellenic Council President.


Procedures :

The Greek Judicial Board is advised by a staff member from the Student Development Office. Detailed procedures for the board are given in the Student Handbook and the Hope College Greek Judicial Board Procedures Manual, which are available in the Student Development Office and the Joint Archives.