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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

b. Campus Life Board

4. Residential Life Committee

a. Judicial Board


  1. To review the facts pertaining to certain alleged violations by students of the rules of the College:

    1. Cases referred by the Director of Housing and Judicial Affairs, who is the first-level disciplinary officer in the Office of Student Development.  Customarily, such cases are those without precedent, or those involving students who have a prior record of violating institutional regulations, or those in which the Director deems a board hearing to be preferable to an administrative hearing.

    2. Cases in which the student requests a board hearing rather than an administrative hearing.

    3. Cases in which the student denies the charge.

  2. To make decisions on cases reviewed and, in the event of a guilty verdict, to determine the penalty.


Procedural "due process" includes the rights of the accused student to be notified in writing of the nature of the charges, to be given time to prepare a defense, to be assisted in defense by an advisor of his/her choice from within the College, and to be held innocent until proven guilty.


Six faculty members appointed by the Status Committee (Campus Life Board liaison not necessary), the Assistant Director of Housing or his/her appointee as Advisor to the Board, and a representative of Student Congress.  The student membership of ten for the Board is selected by the Assistant Director and/or the Advisor, in consultation with a designated student Chair of the Board and/or a representative of Student Congress.  Hearings must have no fewer than two faculty members and four students in order to proceed.   The minutes are confidential; periodic summary reports are made to the parent committee. 

  1. Alleged violations by students of the rules of Greek organizations and alleged violations by Greek organizations of the policies and regulations governing them are dealt with by the Greek Judicial Board (see A5.b1).

  2. Appeals by students from Judicial Board decisions may be made to the Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students or, in certain cases, to the Student Standing and Appeals Committee. Details are provided in the Student Handbook.