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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

c. Administrative Affairs Board


  1. To formulate policies and to act upon policy recommendations in all areas not specifically assigned to another board.
  2. To design or revise the campus committee structure and areas of responsibility.
  3. To evaluate proposed ad hoc committees and resolve any perceived conflicts with board and standing committee areas of responsibility; and to include in the published minutes of the Board a summary of the ad hoc committee plan, specifying its task, membership, method and time of termination, and to whom it is to report.
  4. To act on recommendations of its committees on matters of policy.
  5. To approve the annual College calendar.
  6. To review periodically the pattern of decisions of the Committee on Student Standing and Appeals, and to provide guidelines for its decision-making.
  7. To review and act on proposals for research and other educational activities that are not part of the degree program, when referred by the administration.
  8. To advise the President or other administrative officers on any matters which they present to it, including unusual budgetary items and major changes in the administrative structure, and to act upon recommendations forwarded to it by the Academic Affairs Board having implications either for change in the character of the College or for the College budget.
  9. To establish policies regarding internally and externally funded research.
  10. To approve certain proposed changes in the Faculty Handbook [see Introduction and A4.e1a)].


The President, Provost, Vice President for Admissions, Vice President for Business and Finance, Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students, five faculty members (one from each division and one at large), and two students (one an officer of the Student Congress).

Standing Committees Under the Administrative Affairs Board

  1. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid
  2. Athletic Committee
  3. Student Standing and Appeals Committee
  4. Committee on Multicultural Affairs