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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

c. Administrative Affairs Board

3. Student Standing and Appeals Committee


  1. To act on appeals from adverse decisions by the Provost, Registrar or their representatives on students' requests for exceptions to academic requirements.

  2. To determine students' academic standing and make decisions on dismissal from the College for academic reasons, when students appeal administrative decisions on these matters.  (The Committee does not have authority to change the grade given for any particular course.)

  3. To act on appeals by students to suspension or dismissal decisions imposed by the Judicial Board, the Greek Judicial Board, or any administrative officer for disciplinary reasons.

  4. To act on requests for permission to complete more than 15 hours of senior-year course work at another educational institution.  (The Registrar may grant permission to complete as much as 15 hours of senior-year course work at another institution.)


The Vice President for Admissions or his/her representative, four faculty members (one from each division), three students (appointed by the Student Congress and selected to ensure adequate minority and gender representation).


All appeals and requests for exemptions must be in writing in accordance with procedures and details established by the committee.  A statement of these procedures and of those used in the hearings is available from the chairperson of the committee.

Appeals that cannot be heard during the regular academic year will be handled by an interim committee having the same functions as the standing committee and following the same procedures.  The interim committee will be constituted by the Provost or his/her designee, selecting one faculty member from each academic division to serve from the conclusion of the academic year until the following year's committee membership is in place.  The Dean of Students will work with the Student Congress President to select three students to serve during the same period of time.  These selections will also be made before the academic year concludes, with preference given to those who have served on the standing committee most recently.  Appeals will be adjudicated on the fourth Wednesday and Thursday in June, or on a mutually agreed upon date, but not later than July 15.