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College Governance

A5: Description of the Boards and Standing Committees

c. Administrative Affairs Board

4. Multicultural Affairs Committee


  1. To review, develop, articulate, promote, monitor and evaluate policies and procedures at all levels of College life in order to ensure that Hope College becomes and remains an educational community in which cultural diversity is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated.

  2. To advise and work with standing committees, boards, divisions and personnel throughout the College to ensure that multicultural and minority-related concerns are addressed.

  3. For the purpose of dealing with minority groups' affairs and concerns, the term "minority group" shall apply to U.S. citizens belonging to a racial or ethnic group which is underrepresented at Hope College.  This includes but is not restricted to the following: American Indians, Asian Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

  4. To monitor, evaluate and publicize guidelines for the recruitment of ethnic minority faculty and the implementation of these guidelines.

  5. To advise the College in the development of specific plans to ensure the hiring of ethnic minority personnel.

  6. To assist the Admissions Department in planning for the recruitment and admission of ethnic minority students.

  7. To promote campus activities (among faculty, administration, staff and students) which will enhance cross-cultural communication and multicultural community living; where possible, to propose specific plans, ideas and suggestions to the Student Development Office, Campus Life Board, International Education Committee, Student Activities Committee and other College boards and committees which will encourage positive relations among all members of the College community.

  8. To monitor and evaluate the efforts of the College to retain ethnic minority students and faculty.
  9. To develop and promote strategies for improving multicultural leadership in the broader Christian community.

  10. To review any College policy which may have negative effects on ethnic minority persons.

  11. To assist in developing effective relations with minority alumni, church and business leaders, and others interested in the mission of Hope College.

  12. To provide a forum for the discussion of the academic, social, and cultural needs of minority students, faculty, and personnel.

  13. To study and make recommendations on any policy items referred to it by the Administrative Affairs Board.


Three faculty members, the Associate Provost, the Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students or his or her representative, the Director of Multicultural Life, the Director of Human Resources, a member of the International Education Committee and three students including students of color.