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College Governance

A6: Other Campus-Wide Committees

a. Status Committee


  1. To review annually the professional status of the faculty and, after considering the recommendations of the chairperson and divisional dean, to recommend to the College administration those members of the teaching staff who merit promotion in rank, merit raises, sabbatical leaves, and/or admission to tenure status.
  2. To act on selection of individual faculty members for special recognition or assignment when requested by faculty or administration.
  3. To act as the nominating committee for faculty membership in the standing committees, following the guidelines as stated in A4.b-c.
  4. To assist in administering the policies on internal faculty development grants (See B17.b9).
  5. To serve as a hearing committee in cases when probationary faculty appeal non-reappointment (See B5.b1).

Membership and Method of Election:

The Provost, who serves as chairperson and spokesperson, and four faculty members - one from each division.

The faculty members are elected by and are responsible directly to the faculty.  In March of each year, faculty members are elected for three-year terms.  The terms are staggered so that one-third of the membership is elected each year.  A faculty member is eligible for reelection for one additional term, but is then ineligible for a term before s/he can be considered again for election.

Each division shall nominate for each vacancy two tenured persons of associate or full professorial rank who are completing a minimum of three years of full-time instructional faculty duties at Hope.  From these nominations the faculty as a whole shall elect the members to the Status Committee.  A faculty member elected to one of the following may not serve concurrently on any of the others: Administrative Affairs Board, Professional Interests Committee, Status Committee, President's Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee on Financial Resources, Appeals & Grievances Panel.  If the election results in a committee whose elected members are all of one sex, a special election will be held to elect, for a one-year term, a fifth member, of the other sex, from the list of those eligible and willing to serve.


In its deliberations the Status Committee shall take steps to ensure that no member of the Status Committee is unduly involved in any discussions or decisions in which s/he has a vested interest.  Specifically, a departmental chairperson who is a member of the Status Committee will not vote on a matter in which s/he has prepared a recommendation which is being considered by the committee.  Similarly in the case of a review by the Status Committee under the provisions of B5.b1, the Provost will neither preside nor vote.

In carrying out several of the committee's functions, the advice and judgment of the departmental chairpersons and divisional deans will be carefully considered.  The committee shall determine whether and when divisional deans and departmental chairpersons are to be invited to a meeting.  The President may attend on the committee's invitation or his/her own initiative.