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College Governance

A6: Other Campus-Wide Committees

c. Advisory Committee On Financial Resources


  1. To serve in an advisory capacity to the President and the Vice-President for Business and Finance on all aspects of the financial operation of the College.

  2. To periodically review all aspects of the financial operation of the College and advise the President and the Vice-President for Business and Finance on efficiencies and economies that might be achieved, on priorities and allocation of resources, and on possibilities for generating new resources.

  3. To be available for counsel at any time the College faces major financial problems or is contemplating major structural changes in the budget.

  4. To receive recommendations and expressions of concern from departments, Boards, Committees, and any member of the College community.

  5. To report its conclusions to those who express concern and to publish its minutes in the standard manner.

Membership and Method of Election:

Four faculty members, one from each division, elected by the faculty according to the procedure described in A4.d1a.  Election is for three-year staggered terms.  A member may be reelected for a second term but is then ineligible for a term before s/he can be considered again for election.  Members ex-officio are the President, the Vice-President for Business and Finance, and the Provost.  A faculty member elected to one of the following may not serve concurrently on any of the others: Administrative Affairs Board, Advisory Committee on Financial Resources, President's Advisory Committee, Professional Interests Committee, and Status Committee.


The Vice-President for Business and Finance will chair the committee, exercising this responsibility to ensure full involvement of the members of the committee in preparation of agenda and conduct of the committee's business.  The committee will meet monthly during the academic year, with additional meetings scheduled when it is necessary to address specific issues.  At its meetings, in addition to current agenda items, the committee will seriatim consider the financial aspects of various facets of the operation of the College, the appropriate staff member (e.g., Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students, Director of Libraries) being invited to the meeting when his or her operation is to be discussed.