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College Governance

A6: Other Campus-Wide Committees

f: Appeals and Grievances Panel


    1. To serve on committees established in accord with the procedures set forth in sections B6 (Disciplinary Measures and Dismissal for Cause) and B22 (Appeals and Grievances).
    2. To handle appeals, mediation in grievance cases, grievances, or dismissals.
    3. To participate, on request, in evaluations of the appeal and grievance process.

Membership and Method of Election:

The Panel shall consist of twelve to sixteen members, elected according to the procedures described below.  At least four of the members shall be former members of the Status Committee.

In March or April of each year, each division shall nominate two tenured persons, of whom at least one shall be a former member of the Status Committee.  From these nominations the faculty as a whole shall elect one member from each division to serve as members of the Panel.  If this election results in there being fewer than four Status Committee alumni/ae on the Panel, including members continuing from the preceding year, an additional faculty-wide election shall be held, using the roster of eligible Status Committee alumni/ae as the nominee list, to ensure that four members of the Panel are Status Committee alumni/ae.

All members, except as noted below, shall be elected for three-year terms, so arranged that approximately one-third of the membership is elected each year.  A Panel member may be reelected for one additional term, but is then ineligible for three years before s/he can be considered again for election.  A Panel member who goes on sabbatical or other leave for one semester or less remains on the Panel but will not be asked to serve on committees during that period.  If a divisional representative leaves the Panel before his/her term expires, the vacancy shall be filled at the next spring election for the remainder of the three-year term, following the procedure set forth in the preceding paragraph.   A Panel member whose term ends while s/he is serving on a Hearing, Appeal, Mediation, or Grievance committee will continue as a member of that committee until its work is completed.

A faculty member serving on the Appeals and Grievances Panel may not serve concurrently on the Professional Interests Committee, the President's Advisory Committee, the Status Committee, or the Board of Trustees.

The Panel elects its own chairperson.