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Functions, Distributions, and Revisions

Functions of the Handbook

The Hope College Faculty Handbook describes policies, procedural principles, and practices of the College which directly concern members of the Hope College faculty and administrative staff.  The Handbook is the authoritative document on the role of the faculty in college governance (Section A).  It also sets forth certain conditions of the contractual relationship between the College and the faculty.  These include both faculty personnel policies (Section B) and faculty responsibilities (Section C).  Hope faculty and staff are expected to follow the agreed-upon procedures and principles described in the Handbook.

Appendices to the Handbook contain current administrative job descriptions and practices of use and interest to the faculty.


Distribution and Revisions

The current Handbook is available to all faculty on the Provost’s Office website.

The Handbook describes procedures by which policies are changed.  The minutes of board meetings are published promptly on KnowHope.  Once policy changes are approved, the electronic Handbook is updated to note the approval and faculty are notified of the change.  Informational changes are incorporated from time to time as they are cleared through the Administrative Affairs Board.