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21. The Joint Archives of Holland

a. Mission and Services

The Joint Archives of Holland maintains the archival collections of Hope College and Western Theological Seminary. Its purpose is to collect, care for, promote, and make available the unique historical resources in its care and to serve as a history research center for students, faculty, and the general public.

The Joint Archives offers a variety of services:

Curriculum support. The Joint Archives develops structured research experiences for students, support for instruction, and specific class sessions on topics that relate to archival resources.

Reference Services. The Joint Archives provides reference services to faculty, students, and visiting scholars, assisting them in locating historical materials and working with primary sources.

Copy of Record. The Joint Archives serves as the official repository of all Hope College "copies of record." This includes the minutes of all campus boards and committees, the minutes of the Board of Trustees, departmental records and all campus publications.

Departmental Records. The Joint Archives works with departments and administrative offices to help them preserve historically significant materials.

Papers of Retired Faculty. The Joint Archives collects the professional papers of Hope faculty. Such papers help explain how particular disciplines were taught in the past, illustrate the activities of Hope and its faculty in years past, and provide a corporate memory for the college.

Papers of Alumni. The Joint Archives collects papers of Hope College alumni which will enhance its collections.

Public Outreach. Because a significant number of patrons are from the Holland area, the Joint Archives serves as a significant link between Hope College and the local community. In addition, the Joint Archives publishes a quarterly newsletter and other occasional publications.

Educational Programming. The Joint Archives sponsors lectures, workshops, and other events to build awareness of local/regional history, Hope College history, Dutch immigration, and archival issues. The Archives maintains a special relationship with the Holland Area Historical Society and sponsors monthly programs on topics pertaining to local history.

Photographic Services. The Joint Archives can help illustrate publications, course materials, etc. by drawing on both the 150,000 images and the other printed materials in its collection.

b. Policy for submission of Minutes to the Archives

The Joint Archives is charged with collecting materials which document the history of Hope College. The deliberations and actions of campus boards and committees are an important part of that history. The Minutes & Agendas Blog ( is where the official "copy of record" of all proceedings of college boards, committees and organizations are housed for both current and future reference.

It is important that the Archives receives the final and most accurate copy of those minutes so that it can maintain them as a true historical record of boards and committee actions and make them available now and in the future. With this in mind the Administrative Affairs Board has adopted the following policy for submission of minutes to the Archives.

Boards and Standing Committees:

Secretaries of Boards and Committee should prepare draft minutes immediately after a meeting and circulate these minutes to all Board/Committee members together with a request that additions, corrections, etc. be returned within a week.

In light of what is reported to them, secretaries should revise the draft minutes, and then present the corrected minutes to all Board/Committee members for final approval by vote as a regular part of their meeting agendas. Final minutes must then be submitted by electronic mail to or via the online submission form (

If submitted by email, the minutes must include the words “FINAL APPROVED COPY” plus the name of the committee, date of meeting, those in attendance, and the name of the person who prepared the minutes. If submitted via the online submission form, all fields must be completed accurately and submissions will be regarded as the final approved copy. Email to confirm that your submission is approved for immediate publication to the Minutes & Agendas blog. The Joint Archives will post these minutes to KnowHope and the Minutes & Agendas blog, as well as print a copy for the board or committee file.

Adopted by Administrative Affairs Board, 04/14/1998; latest revision 08/25/2014.