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Institutional Services

3. Audio/Visual Services, Computing, Telephone Services

The following information is accurate as of the date of this publication. Contact Computing and Information Technology (CIT), x7670 or for up-to-date information.

  1. Audio/Visual Services

    The following equipment is available to faculty for instructional support: Slide projectors, overhead projectors, VCR/DVD/CD players, video projection systems, microphones, and sound systems. Some equipment is permanently installed in classrooms; some is assigned by reservation.

    If a faculty member is unsure of the procedure for using requested equipment, this fact should be included with the request. CIT will make every effort to schedule staff to assist with the equipment.

    When using departmental funds for equipment purchases over $200, approval from the division head and the Director of Computing is required. CIT will provide best-effort repairs at the cost of materials.

    Requests for video taping of live events should be directed to Video Services in the Communication Department. The Van Wylen Library staff also offer some audio/visual services (see Appendix I.1).

  2. Computing

    A computer network is provided to facilitate access to resources such as fileservers, network printing, email, course management systems, the Internet, and other online tools. Use of this network for College business is provided without charge to members of the College community. Accounts and additional information are available from CIT.

    Computers for faculty offices are purchased with centralized replacement funds administered by CIT. Upgrade requests are solicited from individual faculty members by division on an annual basis. Additional computers for other purposes (research, student work, etc.) must be funded from departmental, divisional, or other funds.

    Regardless of the funding source, all technology purchases over $200 require approval from the division head and the Director of Computing.

    User support is provided for computer hardware and software meeting the campus standard. Assistance is available by phone (CIT Help Desk, x7670) or by e-mail (

    Each faculty member will be provided with a Hope College email account. The address will be published on the College’s website, and thus it should be used for correspondence involving teaching, research, and/or professional activities. Faculty may wish to use an additional account (through another provider) for personal communications.

    The College supports the purchase of computer equipment for personal use through interest-free loans which can be repaid by payroll deduction. Information about current policies is available from Business Services.

  3. Telephone Services

    The College telephone system is supported by CIT. Directories are available on the College website.

    Each faculty member is assigned a unique direct inward dial (DID) phone number which enables the receipt of calls from on or off campus without operator intervention. Incoming calls can be screened by a departmental secretary. This service can be arranged within the faculty member's department.

    Each faculty member is assigned, upon request to CIT, a unique authorization code for use in placing long distance calls for College business. Expenses incurred through the use of this code are paid from the academic department's budget. Reports of such calls are provided monthly to departmental chairpersons, who review the reports and inform CIT immediately of any irregularities. Authorization codes are personal and confidential.

    Cellular telephones for College business are provided by CIT at the discretion of the department/divisional head. Expenses are paid from the academic department's budget.

    Information about specific procedures and available features of the telephone system is available from CIT.