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Institutional Services

4. Campus Print and Mail Services

  1. Campus Print and Mail Services

Whenever possible, faculty should utilize Campus Print and Mail Services for document duplication. Materials should be submitted electronically using the online form available from the College website. Normally, a 24‑hour lead time should be allowed for completion of work. Additional time may be required during certain peak periods, such as registration, the beginning of semesters, midterm or final examination periods.

  1. Departmental / Building Copiers

Light duty copiers are available in departments and buildings throughout campus. These devices are more environmentally and financially expensive to operate than those at Campus Print and Mail Services and thus should only be used for low volume duplication. Use of inkjet or laser printers for creation of multiple copies is strongly discouraged.

  1. Alternatives to Duplication

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to consider alternatives to photocopying whenever possible. Email attachments and posting to the College’s course management system are among the options.


(Please be aware of copyright regulations as described on the Library’s website)