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20. Carl Frost Center for Social Science Research

The Frost Center is an endowed institute of the Social Sciences Division supervised by the Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship. Participating departments are Communication, Economics and Business Administration, Education, Kinesiology, Sociology and Social Work, Political Science, and Psychology.

Established in 1990, the center offers financial, methodological, and technical support to a wide variety of student-faculty collaborative research projects in the social sciences. In addition, the center provides research services for the college and for corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations. Through its courses, the center provides opportunities for students to learn about research methods and computer-assisted data management and analysis. Students also enroll in research practica in which they obtain research experience while working on projects of interest to community organizations.

The Frost Center is named for Dr. Carl Frost, a pioneer in the theory and practice of participatory management. A Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University, he is an expert in the field of organizational development and is known for his research and consulting with organizations nationwide.

For information on procedures for requesting service or submitting project proposals contact the Director.