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14. Key Policy

In order to maintain the security of College-owned buildings and equipment and the safety of personal possessions in College-owned buildings, requests for keys, either original or reproduced, shall be directed to the supervisor of Campus Safety, who shall determine the need and justification for the request and respond accordingly.  If the request warrants additional approvals, the Director of Campus Safety will contact the Provost, the Dean of Students, or the Business Manager for decision and authorization.

Any individual who, without authorization, reproduces keys to any College building, office, room or equipment, or who has such keys in their possession shall be subject to disciplinary action by the College.

Upon leaving the employment of the College (either voluntary or involuntary), employees are required to turn in all keys issued to them.  If the employee signing for does not have in their possession the key(s) listed, the employee's department may be charged a fee of $10 dollars per office key and $100 dollars per master key to help offset the cost of reissuing and rekeying college property and/or facilities.  Keys are required to be turned in to the Human Resources Department during the exit interview

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