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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

5. Vice President for Admissions

The Vice President for Admissions is responsible to the President for maintaining a complete program of information, personal contact, and recruitment with prospective students and their schools.

Major Functions

  1. To prepare and distribute promotional and informational material for the use of high school and community college counselors, parents, and prospective students.

  2. To supervise all communication with persons contemplating enrollment at the College.

  3. To supervise recruitment policies and activities, including personal conferences, visits to high schools, on-campus programs for prospective students, college nights, college fairs, etc.

  4. To recommend to the proper authority policies for admission and to implement the approved policies.

  5. To maintain complete prospective-student files.

  6. To supervise the preparation of applicant files needed for the Admissions Review Committee.

  7. To inform candidates for admission of the decisions of the Review Committee and maintain continuing contact with accepted students.

  8. To supervise all admissions matters related to international students.

  9. To prepare the annual Admissions Office budget requests.

  10. To arrange for overall office management and supervision of staff.