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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

2a. Associate Provost and Dean for International and Multicultural Education

Major Functions

  1. Assist the Provost in translating the President's vision for a multi-cultural campus into reality by helping to
    1. Establish an effective plan for recruitment of multi-cultural faculty;
    2. Develop a program for faculty to enable them to be more aware of the needs of multi-cultural students and faculty and more responsive to those needs;
    3. Develop multi-cultural curricular models, in concert with individual faculty or faculty committees;
    4. Establish a program for staff development to encourage greater responsiveness to multi-cultural students, staff and faculty.
  1. Serve as co-chair and executive secretary of the Critical Issues Symposium Committee, with specific responsibilities for recruitment of committee members, budget development and control, negotiations with speakers, handling arrangements for speakers and campus facilities, as appropriate, and shared responsibility with a faculty co-chair for providing overall leadership.

  2. Identify programs and funding sources to foster cultural diversity at Hope College, and disseminate this information to deans and chairpersons, as appropriate.

  3. Serve as liaison to Hope's chapter of the Michigan Campus Compact.

  4. Serve as liaison between the Office of the Provost and the Office of Student Development.

  5. Represent the Provost at official functions, when asked.

  6. Handle other tasks and responsibilities delegated by the Provost.

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