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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

2b. Divisional Deans:

  • Dean for Arts and Humanities
  • Dean for Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Dean for Social Sciences

Each dean is responsible to the Provost for overseeing the departments within the appropriate division(s) (Performing and Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences) and for directing or overseeing special programs and activities related to the areas of these divisions.

Major Functions

  1. To oversee the departments in the four divisions, which include:

    1. Leadership in curriculum development, review of curricula, and evaluation of proposed curricular changes;

    2. Direction of faculty recruitment for approved positions;

    3. Allocation and appointment of part-time faculty and paraprofessionals;

    4. Selection of departmental chairpersons in consultation with the Provost;

    5. Working in concert with the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, engage in faculty development;

    6. Mentor and develop departmental chairpersons;

    7. Monitoring and approval of 295 and 495 courses;

    8. Review of departmental budget requests and monitoring of budgets;

    9. Monitoring and approval of teaching loads;

    10. Allocation of space assigned to the divisions and direction of planning for the future space needs;

    11. Participation in the evaluation of faculty and recommendation for salary increases, promotion, tenure, leaves of absence, and grants.

  2. To formulate and control the faculty travel fund budget allocated to the division (s), discretionary funds, and the dean's office budget.

  3. To participate in fund raising, especially preparation of proposals for programmatic funding for the division(s).

  4. Working in concert with the Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, provide leadership in the development of research programs and assistance to faculty applying for research opportunities and grants.

  5. Other responsibilities assigned by the Provost.

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