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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

2d. Departmental Chairpersons

Departmental chairpersons are responsible to their divisional dean for the successful operation of their departments.  They are the chief executives of the departments, but matters concerning the welfare of the department as whole are the subject of discussion and decision by the entire departmental staff.

Major Functions

  1. To advise the President, Provost, and divisional deans on the selection and retention of the departmental staff after consultation with that staff;

  2. To conduct an annual evaluation of staff members and, after individual consultation with them, make recommendation to the dean on such matters as tenure, promotion, and merit increases;

  3. To call periodic departmental meetings at least monthly for decisions on such matters as departmental budget requests, and changes in course offerings;  and for the consideration of ideas for the development and improvement of the departmental offerings, as well as ideas on any aspect of the College program (see A4i).

  4. To take the initiative in planning, with the staff, all curricular and policy changes desired for the development of the department and to present them to the proper policy making body;

  5. To provide for the academic advising of students majoring in the department;

  6. To prepare, with the advice of the staff, the annual department capital and operating budget requests and forward them to the divisional dean;

  7. To advise and encourage the members of the department in the attendance and participation in professional and study opportunities for their continuing development as effective teachers;

  8. To compile an annual report on the activities and accomplishments of the department and its individual members during the past academic year, including information on immediate and future staff, faculty, equipment, and administrative needs.  The report is due to the divisional dean by June 1 and to the Provost by June 15. The report is to be submitted electronically for posting online.

  9. To requisition equipment and supplies, and supervise student help;

  10. To coordinate requests of departmental library budget and oversee expenditure of designated funds;

  11. To prepare tentative schedule of classes for departmental courses with attention to the equitable distribution of load.

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