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Administrative Staff
Description of Functions

3. Chief Fiscal Officer (Vice President for Business and Finance)

"The Chief Fiscal Officer shall have custody of the corporate funds and securities and shall keep full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the College.  He or she shall deposit all money and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the College in such depositories as may be designated by the Board of Trustees.  The Chief Fiscal Officer shall disburse the funds of the College as may be ordered by the Board of Trustees or the President, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements.  He or she shall render to the President and Board of Trustees, at such times as they may request, an account of all his or her transactions as Chief Fiscal Officer and of the financial condition of the College.  In general, he or she shall perform all duties and have all the posers as are usually incident to the office of a treasurer and such other duties and powers as may be assigned to him or her by the Board of Trustees."     

(From the Bylaws of Hope College)

Major Functions

  1. To maintain integrity and discipline in all matters relating to the financial well-being of the College;

  2. To assist in determining goals and objectives of the College and to provide proper financial data on which decisions can be based;

  3. To prepare the annual budget and support and assist the President in the presentation of the budget to the Board of Trustees;

  4. To ensure proper budget control through the use of modern accounting techniques;

  5. To supervise the following areas:

    1. Business Management
      1. Accounting and Budget
      2. Purchasing and Accounts Payable
      3. Student Accounting
      4. Bookstore
      5. Word Processing

    2. Financial Aid

    3. Non-Academic Personnel and All-College Fringe Benefits

    4. Plant Operations and Maintenance

    5. Campus Safety

    6. Computer and Information Technology

    7. Auxiliary Operations

    8. Human Resources